March 28, 2003
[Cristian watches Natalie cook; Will storms in and fights with Cristian.]
[Cristian walks in]
Cristian: "Well it smells pretty d--n good in here. What we got over here?"
Natalie: "No, no thatís for the sofrito.
Cristian: "Sofrito."
Natalie: "So did you get everything taken care of on the roof?"
Cristian: "All done."
Natalie: "The weather's warm enough?"
Cristian: "Yeah, real nice."
Natalie: "Okay, cool. Now we gotta find a place for everyone to sit. So I was thinking we could have you mom at the head of the table. Oh wait we could have you and me at the end of the table and your mom in between Antonio and Jessica."
Cristian: "And Natalie, you're making way too big of a deal of this."
Natalie: "Cristian this is a really big deal I mean weíve Iíve gotta have everything perfect."
[Will storms in.]
Will: "Hey, you're going to pay for messing with my sister!"
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Will: "Jen was different when I left here. She was sweet. As nice as they come, completely innocent, but you changed that didnít you?"
Cristian: "Look Will, I already told Jen I was sorry for hurting her."
Will: "Oh, well thatís nice, but it didnít keep you from doing it did it?"
Natalie: "You know Jenís not the same little saint you seem to remember. She did try to get convince everyone that someone elseís baby was Cristianís."
Will: "Okay, if she did do something like that Iím sure she only did it because she was pushed into it."
Natalie: "Okay, this is not all Cristianís fault."
Will: "It never is. Is it Cris? Things always sorta happens to you right and all of a sudden your with someone else."
Cristian: "Right, like you're Mr. Dependable."
Will: "Jessica, and Roseanne, and now my sister. This sorta seems to be your MO, right? Girl to girl, bed to bed. You have your fun and then you find some smooth way to move on."
Cristian: "Just shut the h--l up man."
Will: "And Natalie itís never is his fault and if I were you Iíd watch out because Iím pretty sure you're next on the good-bye list."
[Will leaves.]
[Scene ends]

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