Is Cris Pushing Natalie Away?

Continuing to keep One Life to Live's Natalie in the dar about his undercover work could put Cristian's relationship in as much danger as his life this week. "It's a matter of trust," explains Melissa Archer (Natalie). "It takes a lot for Natalie to trust someone because she hasn't had that her whole life. So, by nature, even she has her guard up, even though Cristian is the first person that really loved her like this."

But surely she'll understand that Cristian is only trying to protect his loved ones, including Natalie? "Cristian always wants to save people," says his portrayer, David Fumero. "And now, he's more determined than ever to protect Natalie. It may not always be the right thing, but everything he does is for her happiness. He doesn't want anything else to get in the way of their future."

[ABC Soaps in Depth | May, 2003]

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