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Scenes: 2004
November 5: While being held captive on the ship, Cristian dreams of reuniting with Natalie.
November 8: Cristian draws Natalie's portrait on the ship's wall.
November 9: One of the men holding Cristian hostage tries to kill him.
November 11: Cristian escapes from the ship.
November 16: Natalie learns Cristian is alive when they reunite at the Buchanan Lodge.
November 16: (Page Two) Cristian and Natalie catch up and spend a romantic evening together making up for lost time.
November 17: Upon Natalie's request, Antonio comes to the lodge to find that Cristian is alive.
November 18: Natalie and Cristian talk with Jessica after she learns her ex-boyfriend is alive.
November 19: Natalie worries that Cristian won't be safe when he tries to take down Tico.
November 22: Cristian assures Natalie he will be careful.
November 23: Natalie has a dream about herself and Cristian.
November 29: Natalie panics when she thinks she has lost Cristian again.
November 30: Cristian is taken to the hospital, where Viki learns that her son-in-law is alive.
December 1: Natalie and Cristian Cristian talk in the hospital.
December 3: Natalie is worried when she finds out that Cristian's captors tortured him on the ship.
December 7: Cristian tries to hide his memory loss from Natalie when they return to Llanfair from the hospital.
December 8: Cristian secretly makes a few notes in his memory book before he and Natalie go to The Palace restaurant.
December 10: Cristian and Natalie go to Todd and Blair's wedding where Cristian continues to hides his memory loss.
December 13: Cristian doesn't recognize Adriana. Later, Cristian and Natalie go home after the wedding is called off.
December 14: Natalie worries about Cristian after more strange behavior on his part.
December 17: Cristian becomes upset when he realizes his book of facts is missing. Natalie and Cristian go to Rodi's.

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