Family Business

Cristian risks his life to return home, where two reunions -- but also his mortal enemy! -- await him

Armed and dangerous and fueled by memories of his wife Natalie, Cristian plots to flee the ship on which he has been enslaved.

Back home, Natalie faces her own dilemma: whether or not to say what happened when last she saw Paul, for whose murder she has been jailed. When Cramer's corpse is found - only to go missing! - will Natalie, confused by her increasingly intense feelings for John, trust him enough to reveal her alibi?

Evangeline, on the other hand, is sure of one thing: Unable to ignore John's interest in her client, she tells him their relationship is over!

Cristian Sees Natalie With John!

After Natalie spends a night behind bars, Cristian makes his way to Llanview, bleeding from a stabbing incurred during his escape. Later, when John and Natalie rendezvous at Llanfair, they are spied on by her resurrected hubby! Seeing his wife for the first time, but in the company of the lawman whom he partly holds responsible for his fate, Cristian lurks in the shadows. "Cristian wants to see Natalie by herself, not while she's with the guy he believes got him into this predicament," says David Fumero. "He doesn't want John to know he's alive."

Cristian leaves a note, the significance of which only his true love can decipher, leading Natalie to the Buchanan lodge, where they leap into each other's arms. "Natalie is like, "I can't believe it's you!" Fumero previews. "He mentions that he saw her with John, but they don't discuss it any furhter. Instead, they get back to where they left off." In other words... "It has been a year, you know?" Fumero winks.

Reunited For Revenge

Later, Nat summons Antonio to the lodge. "I have no idea what's going on," says Kamar de los Reyes in character, "So when I go inside and see Cristian for the first time, there is that moment of disbelief. But when Cristian reassures Antonio it's him, it's a very emotional scene."

The cousins first order of business? To take down the man who plotted Cristian's death. "Cristian no longer is Antonio's little brother," notes Kamar, "He's grown up, and we're going to go after this guy together."

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