Eye of the Storm

Cristian and Natalie Make Love!

It was last spring when the first spark flew. Come July, the couple made their own fireworks by sharing a first kiss. Now, after months of being kept apart, Natalie and Cristian are free to express their love completely -- even though danger lurks not far away!

Together at Last!
Still hiding from Mitch, who failed in his bid to trade Cristian's safety for a roll in the hay with Natalie, the young lovers hole up at the Buchanan lodge, hoping against all hope that the cad has lost their scent. There, Cris and Natalie realize that the time -- finally! -- is right to give in to one another. "They're safe at last, and finally alone," reports David Fumero (Cristian), who notes that, "Sure, they have told each other, but they haven't had the chance to express that love."

Recognizing the sexually intense moment laid before them, one thing leads to another, and they begin generating a heat that could melt any accumulation of snow outside. "We start a fire, start getting cozy, and before you know it," teases Fumero, "things are happening." And how. Lost in each other's eyes, arms and bodies, Cristian and Natalie finally make love. "They have both been through so much emotional turmoil," explains OLTL headwriter Josh Griffith, "that when they finally do come together, it is very gratyfing. The fans," promises the scribe, "will be very satisfied."

Natalie Stirs Cristian's Passion!
Afterward, basking in the warm glow of their newfound intimacy, Natalie stirs within Cristian a hidden passion. "We start sharing things about ourselves, and he brings up his art," says Fumero, referring to his character's long-dormant talent. "She inspires him to go back to it."
With affectionate encouragement from his lover, Cristian is led to take pencil in hand and revisit his creative ways. "Natalie talks him into drawing her," says her portrayer, Melissa Archer, "because she realizes how much he loves it. She wants him to do the things he loves."
So, in the spirit of the famous Titanic scene with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Cristian sketches his sweetheart. "For Natalie, it's nice being alone with Cristian," says Archer. "It's like everything else just disappears, and all their prayers are being fulfilled. Nothing can get in their way now." But has she spoken too soon?

Mitch Strikes Back!
Later, Natalie and Cristian find their romantic solitude rudely intruded upon by none other than Mitch. "He calls my cell phone to say he's coming after us," previews Fumero. Although Cristian tries to protect Natalie from the grim news, she nonetheless puts the pieces together. Says Archer, "We're both like, 'Does he really know where we are?' But at the same time, we figure, 'Why take the chance?' So we decide to leave the lodge." Alas, the pair's plan to escape is waylaid by a delibitating injury, making them sitting ducks for a mad Mitch! "We're in the middle of the storm with nowhere to go," warns Archer.
Cristian, though, remains steadfast in his determination to protect Natalie, with whom he is now closer than ever. "Knowing how dangerous Mitch is," says Fumero, "he will go to any length to protect her. Cristian is that 'hero' kind of guy, after all."
But will Cristian have what it takes to thwart the shocking abduction attempt that comes next week?

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