David Fumero Quotes

"I love Superman, but then I like Batman because he's got all the cool gadgets. Superbat ... that would be cool."

[When asked if he likes Rudolph or Frosty better] "Rudolph could fly, so Rudolph! Frosty sits in one place. And then he melts."

"I always set my alarm clock a half-hour before I have to wake up. I snooze for a half-hour!"

[About gardening] "It's very therapeutic. I had this garden in front of my house and it took me two or three days to get it together. You go to the store, buy a pot, and there's a little tag in the plant that tells you how to take care of it. Now, all I have to do is hope they grow the way they should according to my calculations. If the ones in front grow taller than the ones in the back, I'm in trouble!""

[When asked "What scent drives you wild?"] "Obsession (for women). I just know when it's around, and I start asking people, 'Is anyone wearing Obsession?' Since I was 15 years old, I've never forgotten that smell. My first love, she wore that, so it kind of stuck to my nose."

[About Cristian, after "perfect girl" Jen left him] "He's a bit of a loverboy. He's got all of this love in him that he wants to express, and his perfect girl is not with him now."

[When asked what he and his character, Cristian, would need if they were deserted on an island] "Water to drink. Cristian would need a canvas and some pastels so he can draw his surroundings."

[If there was a fire, what would David make sure to save?] "No doubt about it, my dog Cuervo -- the little guy's coming with me."

"A broken heart comes from losing love, so I think if you look inside yourself deep enough, you can find that love. You don't need anybody else; there's enough in your own heart."

[Who would David like to have dinner with?] "Jesus Christ, because there hasn't been a man like Him since He died."

[How can David relate to Cristian?] "The sometimes short temper. I can relate to his frustrations in life -- like being from a poor family, and being around people who have money and take things for granted. That's how my youth was."

[When asked, 'What do you imagine your teacher wrote in your report card?'] "He's a good student, but he talks too much."

[On reading "Conversations with God"] "It is [part of] a trilogy and I am on the second book right now. It talks about physics and the universe. It explains everything in such a deep, abstract way. It makes us so minute compared to everything else."

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