David Quotes: About Melissa

[TV Guide: Cristian has fallen for several women in the past. Is Natalie the one?]
I think she is for him. Jen was his way of getting over Jessica. He thought that he was in love with Jen he did love her but it isn't the same as it is with Natalie. She does it for him a little more. [

[TV Guide: What's the attraction between Cristian and Natalie?]
She's a tough girl. She had a really rough life. She was poor, and now she's a fighter. Cristian can relate to that. He has a little bit of that in him.

[TV Guide: So he didn't buy it when she said that she loved Mitch over him.]
No he didn't. He knew there was something behind it.

[TV Guide: Maybe in the New Year, this couple could find some happiness and peace?]
I think it's heading that way. But it probably won't last long. It never does. (Chuckles)

[TV Guide: Don't you think it's strange that Cristian's now in love with Natalie, the twin half-sister of his former girlfriend, Jessica?]
For me personally, it is a little weird. He falls so madly in love, and the world stops and it's all about that woman. But they are sisters. I guess he found something in Natalie that he loved in Jessica. It's a blood thing.

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