Break Me (Prologue) - PurpleCloud88

"I never knew breaking up Seth and Jessica could be so tiring!" Natalie Balsom Buchanan exclaimed, crawling into her bed and closing her eyes with a yawn.

"Ben! Ben! Where's Jessie and Natalie, where are they?" Victoria Lord Davidson shouted frantically as her husband stumbled out of the house coughing. "Ben!" she said again, her eyes filling with tears as she took him in her arms. "Are you okay?"

He coughed. "I'm fine. We have to find the girls," he breathed, turning back towards the house.
"You can't go back in there! Let them go," she pleaded, pointing to the men.
"Sir, we'll take care of this. We cannot allow you to go back inside the house," said one, rushing past him as another emerged from the house holding someone in his arms.
"Jessica!" the mother cried out in joy, running to her daughter. "Jessie, you're going to be all right. You're going to just fine," she told her, her hands brushing through her long tangled blonde hair. "Jessie, did you see Natalie in there?"
She took a deep breath and frowned. "No, Mom, I didn't."
Viki's throat tightened as she stared back at her home. "No! We have to get her out! We have to save her!" she screamed into the cold winter night as she felt a blanket go around her shoulders. "We have to get her....," she cried again as she was pulled away.

"Natalie, we love you. You're going to get through this and you're going to be home before you know it," Viki tried to soothe her ailing child.

She clutched her stomach, hoping to keep down her tears that had been falling for the past week as her mother hugged her.

"Natalie," Jessica started but was at a lose for words. It was no secret she disliked her sister. "I love you."
The redhead was shocked by her sisters words. "I love you too"
"We're just a phone call away if you want some company," her step father added, patting her hand.
"I know, and thank you, all of you," she told them, getting in the car. "Bye," she said shortly, her voice cracking as the door was shut for her and the car sped away.


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