Best Exchanges

(Thanks so much, Victoria, for contributing several of these quotes)

Cristian: "You just wanted someone on your side for once, and that's understandable."
Natalie: "I wanted more than that, Cristian. I made you stay with me, and I made that kiss happen."
Cristian: "No. No, you didn't."

Natalie: "I think I know what you meant when you said that - that we were more than just friends. I mean, 'friend' doesn't even begin to describe what you mean to me."

Cristian: "You need somebody, Natalie, and I want to be that somebody for you."

Natalie: "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."
Cristian: "You are worth it, Natalie."

Cristian: "We both know we're a lot more than friends..."
Natalie: "I'm always available - as a friend."

Cristian: "I'm sorry, Natalie."
Natalie: "Don't be sorry. I'm not. I'm not sorry for anything that we thought or felt. I'm not sorry for loving you. It's okay. I have no regrets."
Cristian: "I do. I regret that we never made love."

Cristian: "Everything will be out in the open. We can be together."
Natalie: "Yes, we can."
Cristian: "And I don't know if I can be able to stop myself. I'm going to need to hold you again."
Natalie: "Really? Tonight?"
Cristian: "And I'm going to need to hear you say that you love me. Because once I hear you say that and once we're together again, I'm going to know that I've done the right thing."
Natalie: "You know that when you're with me?"
Cristian: "When I'm with you, I know that everything's going to be all right."

(Cristian wonders if Natalie is staying in Llanview because of Michael)
Natalie: "Michael? No. No, I'm doing it for me - and my family - my mom, especially. I mean, this is my home. It's where I belong. And I'm not going to just walk away because... I'm not going to give up my life, period."
Cristian: "Right. I wouldn't want you to. I just don't want you getting mixed up with the wrong person just because-"
Natalie: "Cristian, I'm not getting mixed up with anybody, okay? And Michael is not the wrong person. He's my friend. He was there for me when I needed him, when I had no one else.."
Cristian: "Right. Yeah."

Natalie: "I must have some split personality thing, just like Viki."
Cristian: "Natalie, but you said yourself it wasn't hereditary, that - that it had to be, you know, from a really bad childhood or something."
Natalie: "Yeah, well, being raised by Roxy qualifies, believe me."

Natalie: "Jen found out that I'm in love with you."
Cristian "But, if she knows about us, then that doesn't make sense. She should be freaking out."
Natalie: "Um, she doesn't know about us. She knows about me."

Natalie: "If you love me, you'll walk out that door."
Cristian: "How am I suppose to do that?"
Natalie: "Cristian, don't argue, just go."
Cristian: "Look Natalie-"
Natalie: "Please.....don't make this harder on me than it is... go... please... go!"
Cristian: "Fine, fine I'll go. But I'm not going to say good-bye... I will never say good-bye."

Natalie: "Do you think maybe we were suppose to crash? I mean, we weren't hurt, and we got to spend all this time together before we have to go deal with the other people in our lives. Do you believe in fate Cristian?"
Cristian: "Well I do now."

Natalie: "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.. really, I mean. You know, how about you? You're supposed to be at the doctor right now."
Cristian: "Nah, don't worry about me."
Natalie: "You got shot, Cristian."
Cristian: "And I'm fine. Really, it's not even sore. Look, all I care about is making sure that you can handle this."
Natalie: "You know, I wouldn't have been here right now if it weren't for you."

Cristian: "It'll get better."
Natalie: "Two women sharing a bathroom? Hon, you really are clueless, aren't you?"

Cristian: "I'll bet you didn't know I could cook."
Natalie: "No, no, no, no, Vega. I haven't tried it yet."
Cristian: "You don't think I know what I'm doing?"
Natalie: "Actually, no, I just don't know how old that popcorn is."

Cristian: "But I can cook, like, for real."
Natalie: "Yeah, well, I can't. Once I tried to make muffins for Roxy for mother's day -- not so good."

Cristian: "Don't you worry about my mom. She'll come around. You know, I didn't like you much at first, either."
Natalie: "Thanks. That makes me feel so much better."

Cristian: "You look so beautiful."
Natalie: "No."
Cristian: "Yes, you do. You are."
Natalie: "Cristian, I know what I look like."
Cristian: "Close your eyes."
Natalie: "Do you know what? I'm hungry."

Cristian: "You know, I can see how life has been tough on you."
Natalie: "Uh! That's attractive."

Cristian: "And even though you're gorgeous, I feel like the most beautiful part of you is -- well, it's something only I can see."

Natalie: "You know, I never felt pretty or smart or anything. Being with you, I -- I feel so --"
Cristian: "You're perfect."
Natalie: "I don't know that I would go that far."

Cristian: "My mom would hate this."
Natalie: "Hmm, in more ways than one."

Cristian: (About Carlotta) "I'm just sorry she's always been against you."
Natalie: "Well, let's face it. I'm not exactly the Catholic mother's dream girl."

Cristian: "Yeah, but we'll freeze if we stay here. And you're sick. You have a fever. We can't mess around with that."
Natalie: "It's okay. I mean, my fever kind of keeps me warm."

Natalie: "Well, I know a little bit about cars. And I thought if I could fix the engine, maybe we could get a little bit of heat."
Cristian: "You're crazy. You know that?"
Natalie: "Hey, don't knock me. I almost had it."

Cristian: "Entonces, se convertieron en pajaritos y se fueron volando juntos."
Natalie: "I don't understand a word you just said. But it sounds beautiful."

Cristian: (Cristian tells Natalie a story about two lovers) "Well, they loved each other so much that one night they went to sleep, and in their dreams, they turned into birds and flew away. Y vivieron feliz juntos."
Natalie: "Happily ever after, right?"
Cristian: "Yeah, something like that."

Natalie: "Well, I could hardly blame you. I mean you were shot. God, Cristian. I was so worried. Are you okay?"
Cristian: "Well, you know I've never been shot before and it was kind of cool."
Natalie: "That's not funny."
Cristian: "No, I know it's not funny. But I made you smile, and you have a beautiful smile."

Natalie: "Never let me go."
Cristian: "I never will."

Cristian: "Natalie, I just threw my uniform at your Grandfather and he's gonna invite me to dinner? I don't think so!"
Natalie: "Well he will if I tell him to!"
Cristian: "Yeah, well don't! I don't want you to."

Cristian: "It's weird, huh? How roles are reversed. Now I'm the one that doesn't fit in."
Natalie: "Hey, so why don't we just not fit in, together!"

Cristian: "To me you're already my wife. You're my life, my future."
Natalie: "You're mine."

(After Natalie shows Cristian his great art show review)
Natalie: "Your dream's coming true!"
Cristian: "Our dream. I woudn't be here if it weren't for you."
Natalie: "You always had the gift."
Cristian: "Not like this! Because of you, I'm trying something new, I'm feeling something new. I wanna go somewhere I've never been before."

(Natalie is sitting on the ledge at the studio watching Cristian paint and the music is blasting in the background.)
Natalie: "I love you."
Cristian: "What's that?"
Natalie: "I said I love you!"
Cristian: "You're gonna have to say it a little louder 'cause I can't hear you."
Natalie (turning the radio down and walking over to Cris) "You just want me to keep saying that!"
Cristian: "That's because I like hearing it."
Natalie: "Oh yeah? Well hear this (she whispers in Cristian's ear) I love you."
Cristian: "Hmm, I like that too!"
Natalie: "How 'bout this? (kissing Cristian's neck) I.. love.. you!"
Natalie: "Let's make it always be like this. I want it to last forever."
Cristian: "Well, we've got forever. We've got all the time in the world."

Natalie: "I love you."
Cristian: "You know how good that sounds?"

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