Baby, Light My Fire

When Natalie first made love with Cristian at the Buchanan lodge -- "Because that's the place people go to have sex, hello!" her portrayer quips -- Melissa Archer got a crash course in steaming up the soap screen. The first big secret she became privy to? How those dozens of candles magically get appear and get lit in time for the lovemaking. "Natalie has a candle-lighting guy who walks around with her," the actress deadpans, "and I make him stand around outside in case I need him to light any more." Turning a bit more serious, Archer says that being surrounded by the many flames bears the risk of things getting hotter than expected. "You can't move too much this way or that way," she says of love-scene choreography, "or you'll knock them over and turn the room into a ball of fire!"

[ABC Soaps in Depth]

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