Poll Results Archive

Poll #1

Cristian and Natalie should...

Take it slowly... 36 votes (22%)
Move more quickly... 79 votes (50%)
Keep doin' what they're doin' 43 votes (27%)

158 Total votes

Poll #2

Which scenario would you enjoy the most?...

Al finds out that Jen is pregnant, and that HE could be the father of the baby... 3 votes (3%)
Cristian marries Jen, but remains very much in love with Natalie... 1 votes (1%)
Jen leaves Cristian, who is finally free to be with Natalie... They still have troubles - just not Jen 5 votes (5%)
Cristian says "I don't" instead of "I do", and announces that he loves Natalie. 69 votes (68%)
Cristian TELLS Jen he loves Natalie, so her plan of revenge is over. 19 votes (19%)
Cristian realizes he still loves Jen. 5 votes (5%)

102 Total votes

Poll #3

If there had to be some conflict in Cristian and Natalie's story, what would you want it to be?.....

Another girl. Maybe Natalie could become jealous of Jen2 votes (3%)
Another guy. Cristian should be the jealous one.18 votes (31%)
Jessica.4 votes (7%)
His mother. Carlotta.3 votes (5%)
No more conflict! Let them be happy.31 votes (53%)

58 Total votes

Poll #4

If David leaves, what would you rather happen....

The character of Cristian should be killed off.8 votes (7%)
The character should be presumed dead. Maybe David could come back eventually.17 votes (14%)
Cristian should leave town. 6 votes (5%)
Recast the role! 18 votes (15%)
Bring back Yorlin Madera, the original Cristian. 6 votes (5%)
6. I just do not accept the fact that David might one day leave the show. 65 votes (54%)

120 Total votes

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