September 5, 2002
Cristian: Natalie, why are you crying?
Natalie: I don't want to talk about it.
Cristian: Did I do something? Are you sure?
Natalie: It's not you. Look, I've got to -- Iíve got to go.
Cristian: Natalie, please.
Natalie: Cristian, just please leave me alone.
Cristian: No, I'm not -- I'm not going to let you go until you tell me what's wrong.
Natalie: Cristian just let me go!
Troy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on here? Is everything okay?
Cristian: No, nothing's okay.
Cristian: Lindsay?
Troy: Yeah.
Natalie: Isn't she back in prison?
Troy: No, unfortunately not. The governor pardoned her because she saved a young girl's life.
Cristian: What?
Troy: Yeah.
Cristian: After everything she did to you and Nora?
Troy: Well, apparently Mollie happens to be the governor's favorite granddaughter, so --
Natalie: Mollie?
Cristian: That's not right.
Troy: No, it's definitely not, but the governor didn't ask for my opinion. Anyway, I saw Lindsay snooping around earlier. She said she was going to come by and see Jen. Do either of you two know anything about that?
Troy: All right, guys. Well, if you see Jen, do me a favor and tell her that I'm going to stop up and see her.
Cristian: Sure thing.
Troy: All right.
Natalie: I better go.
Cristian: No. No, hold on a second. Did I hurt you? Look, Natalie, Iím really sorry. I just saw that you were so upset and I just wanted to know why.
Natalie: What difference does it make?
Cristian: I care about you, Natalie. A lot. I mean that.
Natalie: I know. You know, actually, maybe Jen did see her mother because that would explain a whole lot.
Cristian: Like what?
Natalie: Why Jen was all stirred up. I mean, her mom usually does that to her. Cristian: What was Jen stirred up about?
Natalie: I wasn't going to tell you.
Cristian: Natalie --
Natalie: I came to here to see Jen today. Not about school -- about us.
Cristian: You wanted to talk to Jen about us?
Natalie: It was Al. He said something weird. He said that Jen was upset about what you and I were doing.
Cristian: What exactly did Al say?
Natalie: Well, that's just it. He didn't -- he didn't say anything. He was all over the place, and then he got a phone call and he ran off, and all he really said was Jen knew what you and I were doing. But we're not doing anything. Not anymore.
Cristian: That's right. And Jen's been amazing. There's no way she knows what happened.
Natalie: Right, and she doesn't need to because it's over.
Cristian: Yeah.
Natalie: She's been really sweet about my mom and Ben.
Jen: Hey guys.
Cristian: Hey. We just heard about your mom. You okay?
Jen: Not really.
Natalie: Look, I've got to go. But, Jen, is there anything I can do?
Jen: Just be my friend, that's all.
Natalie: Definitely. All right, see you guys on campus.
Jen: What was she doing here?
Cristian: She came by to see you. She thought you were mad at her.
Jen: No, no, no. I was just upset about my mom, that's all.
Cristian: Yeah, I can't believe they pardoned her.
Jen: Yeah, yeah. Now she's pulling this act about trying to be all reformed and everything, but I'm kind of scared that she's going to try to break us up again.
Cristian: Jen --
Jen: I don't think that I could handle that on top of everything else. Please, don't let her break us up again. I mean, promise me that you'll protect -- you'll protect us from her. Please.

[Scene ends]

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