February 7, 2003
[Natalie drops a mirror on her leg, and her leg becomes infected.]

Cristian: "How'd you get this number?"
Mitch: "Oh, it wasn't difficult -- no more difficult than it'll be to find you and Natalie."
Natalie: "Who is it, Cristian?"
Mitch: "I'm closer than you think, Mr. Vega. Bring my wife back to me so we can settle our little marital dispute in a civil manner, or there will be consequences, I promise you. Grave consequences."
Natalie: "Cris, what's going on?"
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
(Cristian hangs up.)
Natalie: "Cristian, who was that?"
Cristian: "It was just some crank call."
Natalie: "It was Mitch, wasn't it? Come on, tell me."
Cristian: "Yeah. Yeah, it was."
Natalie: "What did he want? Cristian, come on, don't leave me out of the loop here. We're in this together."
Cristian: "Natalie, I don't want you worrying over nothing."
Natalie: "You obviously don't think it's nothing."
Cristian: "If he knew where we were, then he'd be here already, right?"
Natalie: "Is that what he said, that he knows that we're here?"
Cristian: "Yeah, that's what he tried to make me think. But, look, Natalie, even if he did, there's no way he would make it here in the snowstorm. It wouldn't be that easy."
Natalie: "I don't know. Maybe -- maybe we shouldn't take the chance."
Cristian: "Yeah, you're right. We shouldn't. Why don't you get your stuff. Let's get out of here."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "Come on, let's go."
Natalie: "I think I got everything. I just -- we messed up this mirror when we were messing around earlier."
Cristian: "Natalie, don't worry about the mirror. It's fine. I'm going to go outside and make sure everything's okay. Get your things."
(Natalie tries to straighten the mirror, but it drops onto her leg, and she falls to the ground.)
Natalie: "Whoa! Oh!!!"
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "Natalie, you okay?"
Natalie: "Yeah, I think so."
Cristian: "Come on."
Natalie: "Oh, ow. Ow."
Cristian: "What? What is it?"
Natalie: "Oh, my leg. Oh, I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding. Oh."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "Here. Does it hurt?"
Natalie: "Not so much."
Cristian: "It doesn't look too deep."
Natalie: "Yeah, well, let's just get it wrapped up and get out of here, okay?"
Cristian: "No, no, first we got to get this cleaned."
Natalie: "We can't stay here."
Cristian: "Natalie, you can't go anywhere, not on this leg. Let's just wait till tomorrow morning, and then we'll see. The roads might be better then."
Natalie: "What about Mitch? He could be here any minute."
Cristian: "Look, he was just trying to play me. Okay, just because he has my cell phone number doesn't mean that he knows where we are. If he's coming, he would have been here already."
Natalie: "Unless he's already out there. This room can have..."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "No sign of anyone."
Natalie: "That's good news."
Cristian: "How's the leg?"
Natalie: "It's sore."
Cristian: "The cut?"
Natalie: "Well, I mean, it's not stinging anymore, but it hurts."
Cristian: "Let me take a look at it."
Natalie: "Is it still bleeding?"
Cristian: "No, no, it's not bleeding, but, well, it is a little swollen and red."
Natalie: "That means it's infected."
Cristian: "Yeah, yeah, I think so."
[Scene ends. Show ends.]

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