February 4, 2003
[Cristian tells Natalie how beautiful she is, and later sketches her.]

Radio announcer: "I'd say we got the storm of the century going on out there. Just like love, it hit us between the eyes when we least expected it."
Natalie: "Seems like they're talking about us."
Cristian: "You look so beautiful."
Natalie: "No."
Cristian: "Yes, you do. You are."
Natalie: "Cristian, I know what I look like."
Cristian: "Close your eyes."
Natalie: "Do you know what? I'm hungry."
Cristian: "No, no, no. You're not going anywhere."
Natalie: "I think there's --"
Cristian: "Come on, close your eyes."
Natalie: "I think there's some marshmallows in the cabinets in there."
Cristian: "I'm not letting you go until you do. How can you say you're not beautiful?"
Natalie: "Cristian -- that feels so good."
Cristian: "You know, I can see how life has been tough on you."
Natalie: "Uh! That's attractive."
Cristian: "It's amazing. No, really, because I've had bad things happen to me, too, and I've lost things. I've wanted plenty that I couldn't have. But being with you is like -- it's like I'm lucky because you want me."
Natalie: "I do."
Cristian: "And even though you're gorgeous, I feel like the most beautiful part of you is -- well, it's something only I can see."
Natalie: "You know, I never felt pretty or smart or anything. Being with you, I -- I feel so --"
Cristian: "You're perfect."
Natalie: "I don't know that I would go that far."
Cristian: "Natalie, I'm just -- I'm just trying to let you know how I feel."
Natalie: "I didn't mean to make you feel badly. Okay, so how about those marshmallows?"
Cristian: "I'll go get more wood for the fire."
Natalie: "I'll meet you back here in 60 seconds."
Cristian: "Okay."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "My mom would hate this."
Natalie: "Hmm, in more ways than one."
Cristian: "Yeah, well, she's going to have to get used to it all."
Natalie: "Thank you."
Cristian: "For what?"
Natalie: "For standing up to her. I mean, I know how close the two of you are."
Cristian: "I'm just sorry she's always been against you."
Natalie: "Well, let's face it. I'm not exactly the Catholic mother's dream girl."
Cristian: "Yeah but who cares?"
Natalie: "You do."
Cristian: "The problem is, is that -- well, it caused us both a lot of troubles with you know who."
Natalie: "Yeah. Jen worked it, okay? She played your mother."
Cristian: "Let's try not to talk about Jen tonight."
Natalie: "You know what? Good idea. I got to tell you, you had it pretty good with your mother. I mean, you were lucky. Roxanne, I mean, she didn't -- she didn't care what I did, who I saw. In fact, half of her loser boyfriends would try to two-time with me when she wasn't looking."
Cristian: "Did they ever --"
Natalie: "No. No, no, no, no. I know how to take care of myself -- and Rex, for the few years he was with me."
Cristian: "I'm sorry. I mean, I know this isn't easy for you."
Natalie: "Oh, hey, I survived. So tell me, what was it like for you growing up?"
Cristian: "Well, I grew up in Angel Square."
Natalie: "I used to live there, too, remember?"
Cristian: "Yeah, but it was a lot rougher then. The gangs. I told you some of it, but Antonio, he was -- he was really deep into it, and I was following in his footsteps."
Natalie: "You're kidding."
Cristian: "Yeah, a lot of the guys I grew up with, they -- well, they're either in prison or worse."
Natalie: "Seth didn't hardly say much about it, you know? He just talked about reform school."
Cristian: "That's what saved him."
Natalie: "What about you? I mean --"
Cristian: "Well, Antonio got out, and don't think it didn't take guts. I mean, no one walks away from a life like that. But he did. And I idolized him, and so I did, too. Who am I kidding? Antonio would have killed me before I grew up to be in a gang."
Natalie: "Good for him. So what happened?"
Cristian: "What do you mean?"
Natalie: "Well, you didn't end up joining a gang, so, I mean, what was your ultimate path?"
Cristian: "I wanted to be an artist."
Natalie: "Really?"
Cristian: "That was all I really cared about."
Natalie: "Wow. What happened?"
Cristian: "Well, I went to art school for a while. I was pretty good."
Natalie: "But why'd you stop?"
Cristian: "You know, life, reality."
Natalie: "Yeah, but if you loved it so much, I mean, why -- why would you give something like that up?"
Cristian: "Look, it's -- I was stupid, you know? I did something really stupid. I hurt my hand, and it's -- well, it's better now, but --"
Natalie: "But what?"
Cristian: "I don't know. I guess I just lost my touch."
(Natalie gets up.)
Cristian: "Where you going?"
Natalie: "You'll see."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Natalie: "Here."
Cristian: "Oh, no, no, Natalie. I don't draw anymore."
Natalie: "Come on. Just something for me."
Cristian: "No, no. I can't."
Natalie: "Look, Cris, I don't -- I don't know much about art, but the way you talked about it just now --"
Cristian: "Look, I'm not the same guy anymore. This -- no."
Natalie: "You love it still, though, Cristian. I can tell. I mean, you even said so yourself -- you're good. I mean, I don't think talent like that just goes away."
Cristian: "Yeah, but my hand doesn't work the way it used to."
Natalie: "Well, I mean, like I said, I don't know much about it."
Cristian: "That's right. You don't."
Natalie: "Look, all I'm trying to say here is that you've changed, okay? So maybe your art's changed. So, you know, you could just try -- try and draw something, you know, and -- anything, please. Cristian?"
Cristian: "The only way I'll draw again is if can draw you."
Natalie: "What are you waiting for?"
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
(Natalie looks at the sketch, in awe.)
Natalie: "Is this what I really look like?"
Cristian: "Thank you."
Natalie: "For what?"
Cristian: "Well, for making me do this. You gave me back my dream."
[Scene ends. Show ends.]

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