February 3, 2003
[Cristian and Natalie are snowed in the Buchanan lodge.]

Natalie: "Well, we made it."
Cristian: "Yes, we did."
Officer: "All right, both of you stay right here."
Cristian: "Okay, but we're fine, really."
Natalie: "Yeah. I mean, no one's here."
Officer: "Commissioner Buchanan gave me strict instructions. I don't leave until I search the premises, so stand here front and center till I'm done."
Cristian: (Sarcastically acts like he's in the military) "Yes, sir!"
(Natalie laughs)
Natalie: "Oh, my God. Well, that felt pretty good. I haven't laughed like that in a few years."
Cristian: "Yeah, I know what you mean. So what do you think? You think we'll be okay here?"
Natalie: "Yeah, definitely. I mean, hey, as long as we're hiding out, it's pretty cool."
Cristian: "Let's see if we're in luck. Oh -- can't have everything work in a storm like this. Sometimes the phone works. And sometimes it doesn't."
Natalie: "I don't care. We don't need anything from the outside world."
Cristian: "Nope. Got everything we need right here. Want my Ziploc bags."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
[Music plays]
Cristian: "This should do it if it's not too wet."
Natalie: "How are you?"
Cristian: "What?"
Natalie: "Well, all that snow."
Radio announcer: "Nothing like a storm to help you see the truth, see what's really important. Right? The wind's howling, snow's getting deep, and you're all alone. All that matters is love. Look for it. Find it."
Natalie: "I already have."
[Music plays]
Radio announcer: "This is shaping up to be one of those things you'll remember your whole life."

[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
[Music plays]
[Phone rings]
Cristian: "It's my phone. Didn't think it would work up here."
Cristian: "Hello?"
Viki: "Cristian. Hi. It's Viki."
Cristian: "Oh, hi, Mrs. Davidson."
Viki: "I'm very glad I was able to reach you. I just wanted to make sure you two are all right up there."
Cristian: "Yeah, yeah, we're fine."
Viki: "No problems?"
Cristian: "No. No. Don't worry, Mrs. Davidson. I'm going to take good care of Natalie. Here, I'll let you talk to her."
Natalie: "Hey, Mom."
Viki: "Hi, darling. Did you find everything you need?"
Natalie: "Yeah. Yeah, we got a fire going, some candles, and a radio, if the batteries hold out, and some food."
Viki: "Good. Sweetheart, listen, I'm going to have to be out of town for a few days, and I really just wanted to make sure that you were all right."
Natalie: "Yeah, but are you sure you can travel with the weather the way it is?"
Viki: "Well, we'll see. I'll keep my fingers crossed, you know. But, darling, you have to stay with Cristian, okay? And be safe."
Natalie: "Yeah. I won't -- I won't let him out of my sight."
Viki: "Good. I'll see you when I get back, sweetheart, okay? And hopefully -- hopefully, it'll all be over by then."
Natalie: "Hope so."
Viki: "Yeah. I love you."
Natalie: "I love you, too, Mom. Bye. So, you're not going to let anything happen to me, huh?"
Cristian: "Well, no. Nothing bad."
[Scene ends. Show ends.]

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