February 25, 2002
[Natalie and Cristian are in Natalie's hospital room]
Cristian: "Don't you believe it, Natalie. Your mom never would have chosen between you and Jess."
Natalie: "How do you know?"
Cristian: "Well, because I know her. I've known her for years."
Natalie: "Yeah. Yeah, you've known her for years, and Jessica, she's known her her entire life. How long have I known her for?"
Cristian: "Your mom loves you, Natalie."
Natalie: "I know that. I do know that. But she -- she will never love me the way she loves Jessica."
Cristian: "And that's not true."
Natalie: "They have something, Cristian. Jessica and her mom have a bond, something that my mom and I will never have."
Cristian: "You don't know that."
Natalie: "I do. I feel it."
Cristian: "Listen, Natalie, your mom would have never given up your heart. She just wouldn't have. I mean, come on."
Natalie: "She would have picked Jessica?"
Cristian: "She wouldn't have picked either one of you."
Natalie: "She may not have wanted to, Cristian, but come on. I mean, if she had to -- if she really had to, if she had a gun to her head --"
Cristian: "Natalie --"
Natalie: "Her father asked her which one she could live without. And I am definitely the one she can live without."
Cristian: "Listen to me, you're just upset right now. I mean, come on, you've been through so much."
Natalie: "It doesn't matter."
Cristian: "Yes, it does. I promise you, when you get out of here, it'll be a lot better. Once you're home, it'll be a lot better."
Natalie: "I'm not going home."
[Scence ends]

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