February 12, 2003
[Cristian and Natalie take shelter in a cave, and he tells her a story.]

[Engine stalls]
Natalie: "Don't. Go inside. I mean, listen, even if you could get the car started, the roads -- there are blocks of ice out there. We're stuck."
Cristian: "Yeah, Natalie, we can't stay here."
Natalie: "Well, at least we're off the road."
Cristian: "Yeah, but we'll freeze if we stay here. And you're sick. You have a fever. We can't mess around with that."
Natalie: "It's okay. I mean, my fever kind of keeps me warm."
Cristian: "I'm not going to let you get any more sicker. You stay here."
Natalie: "Well, where are you going?"
Cristian: "I'm going to go try to find some help. I'll be back soon, I promise."
[Door alarm sounds]
[Door closes, alarm stops]
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "Natalie, what are you doing?"
Natalie: "Oh --"
Cristian: "Come here."
Natalie: "Well, I kind I know a little bit about cars. And I thought if I could fix the engine, maybe we could get a little bit of heat."
Cristian: "You're crazy. You know that?"
Natalie: "Hey, don't knock me. I almost had it. I think it's the fuel injector."
Cristian: "Forget that. It must be 10 below out here. Look, I found a place that we could at least stay out of the cold."
Natalie: "Okay."
Cristian: "Come on. Here, let me carry you."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "There you go. Hold that there."
Natalie: "Oh, that's cold."
Cristian: "So, are you feeling better or worse?"
Natalie: "My fever's gone, see? Feel."
Cristian: "Keep that on your head. You know what? I went up the hill to try to get a signal, but both our phones are useless here."
Natalie: "Yeah, well, you never charge yours, anyway."
Cristian: "You know, we're probably going to have to stay here for a while. At least till the roads get cleared. You think you can make it?"
Natalie: "Yeah. I got rid of Mitch. I'm not going to let a little bad weather get the best of me."
Cristian: "Well, what about the leg?"
Natalie: "Leg, storm, psycho husband -- look, we waited a long time to be together, and I am going to make the best of every minute."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cristian: "Entonces, se convertieron en pajaritos y se fueron volando juntos."
Natalie: "I don't understand a word you just said. But it sounds beautiful."
Cristian: "Well -- well, it's a story about two lovers who wake up one morning to go to work, as usual. And while they're gone, there's this huge earthquake, and they end up on opposite sides of the earth."
Natalie: "That's awful."
Cristian: "Yeah. You know what? They didn't worry or cry. They just started working on getting back to each other. They tried to build a bridge, but there was not enough wood or rocks. And there was no water, or boat, for that matter. And it was way too far to walk -- and dangerous."
Natalie: "So -- then, what happened?"
Cristian: "Well, they loved each other so much that one night they went to sleep, and in their dreams, they turned into birds and flew away. Y vivieron feliz juntos."
Natalie: "Happily ever after, right?"
Cristian: "Yeah, something like that."
[Scene ends. Show ends.]

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