December 16, 2002
Nat: "Cristian what are you doing here?"
Cris: "I came to get you out."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "No you -- you can't do that. You can't take me away."
Cris: "Natalie, calm down. Everything is going to be okay."
Nat: "No, Cristian, it's not going to be okay. Mitch is right downstairs."
Cris: "Yeah, I know, I know."
Nat: "If he finds you--"
Cris: "What? What's he going to do?"
Nat: "Cristian, please - you just--you got to go."
Cris: "Wait a minute, you think he's going to hurt me? Is that what you're afraid of?"
Nat: "I don't know what he's gonna do. What do you think he'll do? He finds my ex-boyfriend standing in my bedroom - he's not going to be happy."
Cris: "Well that's all? That's it?"
Nat: "Cristian, please you've got to go. He's going to go crazy!"
Cris: "Crazy? How crazy? Come on, Natalie, tell me. What's he going to do?"
Nat: "Cristian, please just get out."
Cris: "Okay, okay - fine I'll leave. As long as you come with me."
Nat: "NO!"
Cris: "He won't even know you're gone. We can jump out the window."
Nat: "What?"
Cris: "There's a shed a couple feet below. We'll be fine."
Nat: "Cristian--"
Cris: "Natalie, look I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promise."
Nat: "No, I'm not going anywhere with you."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "Look, Natalie, I know why you want to stay."
Nat: "Because I'm married."
Cris: "No, because you're scared. Mitch threatened to hurt me if you left him, didn't he? Was it someone else? Jessica? Your Mom?"
Nat: "Why would you think that? How can you think something like that of my husband?"
Cris: "Oh, Natalie, come on! I know you - and you don't want to be with this guy. You would never be with someone like that."
Bo: "You got to move it cristian."
Cris: "Look, I'll hide you, I'll keep you safe."
Nat: "I don't need you to. I don't want you to!"
Cris: "Mitch won't be able to find you, okay, or hurt you, Natalie, I'll never let anybody hurt you."
Nat: "Cristian--"
Cris: "All you got to do is jump out the window with me."
Nat: "I can't"
Cris: "Natalie come on! Come with me and we can be together for the rest of our lives."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "Cristian--"
Cris: "Natalie, come on, we got to go."
Nat: "No, I told you, I'm staying with Mitch because I love him."
Cris: "No you don't."
Nat: "Yes I do!"
Cris: "Natalie, come on!"
Nat: "Cristian, you don't know me okay? What, because we kissed a couple of times and I told you that I loved you? Well I don't. I love Mitch, and I'm staying with Mitch!"
Cris: "Yeah, right. Well, you can say that all you want, but I know it's not true. I mean, come on, look at you--you're scared."
Nat: "Do you listen? I'm not scared."
Cris: "Natalie, everything's going to be fine, we planned this out."
Nat: "We?"
Cris: "Yes, your uncle, Commissioner Buchanan - he's waiting outside."
Nat: "What?"
Cris: "That's why your mom came -- to distract Mitch."
Nat: "Everyone's trying to get me out of here?"
Cris: "Yes, and everything is going to be fine. Laurence won't be able to get you or anyone you love."
Nat: "No! I'm Mitch's wife!"
Cris: "Okay, fine you're his wife, because he tricked you."
Nat: "No Cristian, I married Mitch because I wanted to. How many times do I have to tell you that?"
Cris: "That's not why you're staying."
Nat: "I told you--"
Cris: "And I told you that I don't believe you."
Natalie: "Cristian--"
Cris: "Natalie, I know you. I mean, you can say I don't but I do. And I can prove it."
Nat: "How?"
Cris: "Well, if you really wanted to stay, you would've called out to Mitch a long time ago, and you haven't."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "MITCH!"
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "Get out of here before Mitch sees you. Please, just go!" Cris: "No." Nat: "Cristian, I told you - I love Mitch." Cris: "Do you think I'd run away when you called out to Mitch?" Nat: "I want you to go." Cris: "See there you go again. You're trying to protect me." Nat: "Cristian, if he finds you here--" Cris: "Look, I don't care. Let him find me here. I'm not going anywhere."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "Looks like today is your lucky day. Mitch didn't come up here."
Cris: "Yeah, we're lucky. Now I can get you out of here."
Nat: "No, Cristian, I told you, I'm not going anywhere. If you want to save someone, save yourself."
Cris: "Natalie, Please--"
Nat: "Get Out!"
Cris: "NO!"
Nat: "Cristian, please, if you don't -- if you want to make me happy -- then just leave me here. Just forget you ever knew me."
Cris: "I can't do that."
Nat: "Cristian, please, okay? Just--just go. Go on with your life. Do what you have to do. Be happy. You know, that'll make me happy. That's enough for me. Please."
Cris: "Yeah, well it's not enough for me. And I don't believe that's enough for you."
Nat: "If you don't, I'm going to call Mitch again, and this time I'm going to scream."
Cris: "Fine, go ahead."
Nat: "Cristian, please don't do this."
Cris: "Natalie, listen to me. Everything's going to be fine."
[He's tying her arms]
Nat: "What--what are you doing?"
Cris: "Just trust me!"
Nat: "Cristian, what--what are you doing? Stop it!"
Cris: "Shh.."
Nat: "Cristian, no, don't! Cristian stop!"
Cris: "Natalie, I'm not going to let anything happen to you, okay?"
Nat: "No! NO! No! Ahh!"
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
[Natalie mumbles]
Cris: "Don't fight me. I don't want you to get hurt. Now we got to get out of here. All right, we're out of here."
[Scene ends]

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