November 22, 2002
Cris: "Natalie! Natalie.. Natalie..."
(Natalie is unconscious)
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "Natalie--Natalie can you hear me? You're gonna be alright, sweetie, I promise, I'm not going to let anything happen to you."
Nat: "Cristian-"
Cris: "Hey, I'm here."
Nat: "What happened?"
Cris: "This deer got in front of the car, and I swirved. We wound up this ditch. I'm so sorry - I thought I killed you."
Nat: "It's not your fault - if you had not hit the deer.. it might of been worse if we did."
Cris: "I was so glad you're okay. For a minute there I thought...."
Nat: "No way I'll leave you now."
Cris: "And I'm not going to leave you either. Not ever."
Nat: "I never thought this would be happening-"
Cris: "I was so scared, I mean finally we have a chance to be together, I almost.."
Nat: "Look, we're together now - it's the only thing that matters."
Cris: "I love you Natalie; all I want is to be with you."
Nat: "Me too, all I want is you. Forever."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "This thing is so low, I barely got through." Nat: "So, they're going to send a tow truck over right away."
Cris: "Eventually, the guy said they're pretty backed up."
Nat: "Actually--actually can--can I use you cell phone? I need to call home."
Cris: "Good luck."
Nat: (laughs) "What's the use of having one of these things if you're not going to use it?"
Cris: "Sorry, my bad."
Nat: "God, I hope they'ere not worried about me; I left Michael talking to my mom."
Cris: "Michael...right."
Nat: "I told you - I am not going to stay with him."
Cris: "I know, it's just..."
Nat: "Nothing happened between us."
Cris: "Could you have waited at least a day or two, you know before eloping......"
Nat: "Look, I didnt think it mattered. I didn't think anything did.. look we're going to be together now, nothings ever going to keep us apart anymore."
Cris: "Do you think your... Michael will let you go that easy?"
Nat: "He's a good guy. I mean all he wants is for me to be happy."
Cris: "I hope you're right." Nat: "I am, And you'll tell Jen.." Cris: "I'm not looking forward to it. (Natalie turns away) Well I am going to tell her, I mean it, like you said, nothing's ever gonna keep us apart... ever again."
(Natalie smiles)
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "Isn't it weird - ending up together? Every time we say its over.."
Cris: "Yeah everytime we needed each other, we ended up at the quarry."
Nat: "Maybe it's fate."
Cris: "You think?"
Nat: "Michael kept on talking about it, I mean, I didn't believe him at first. Maybe he was right.. maybe its real."
Cris: "Well... here we are now."
Nat: "Yeah, well, he thought my fate was.. you know what? That doesn't matter; he's not part of my fate you are. You always were. That's we found each other tonight."
Cris: "I know what you mean."
Nat: "Do you think maybe we were suppose to crash? I mean we weren't hurt, and we got to spend all this time together before we have to go deal with the other people in our lives? Do you believe in fate Cristian?"
Cris: "Well I do now."
(They kiss)

[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
(Still kissing...)
Cris: "I cant wait 'till we settle everything, so we can be together. I mean, really together."
(They kiss again)

[Scence ends]

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