November 21, 2002
Cris: "It's not too late for us Natalie... You understand about Jen, don't you? And I mean, she just lost the baby and - and I have to help her get through it, but it's you that I love. And look - I'm not going to be a father and I'm not going to marry Jen. I mean, it is terrible what happened, it changes everything. Finally, there's nothing to stop us from being together."
Nat: "Yes there is. My husband."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "Your husband?"
Nat: "Michael."
Cris: "Well yeah okay, that's - thats a problem. We can fix it."
Nat: "I'm married, Cristian."
Cris: "Natalie, you just met the guy and you were hurting because I was going to marry Jen."
Nat: "But that doesn't change what I did."
Cris: "Okay, so we'll get an anullment. I'll help you. It's my fault all this happened."
Nat: "No, it's not, I knew exactly what I was doing."
Cris: "Natalie, come on, you know you were on the rebound."
Nat: "I was trying to move on."
Cris: "And now you dont have to, you can be with me, Natalie after all this time we can finally be together."
Nat: "I still can't believe it."
Cris: "Well believe it, because it's true. And, look, I'll explain it to Jen and you can talk to Michael. And if he is as great as you say he is, then he'll understand. I mean, you've only been married for a day, it's not like you love the guy."
Nat: "But I do. I do love Michael."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "Well I'm not in love with Michael, but I do love him as a friend, I mean he really came through for me when I needed him the most."
Cris: "That's my fault."
Nat: "I'm not blaming you."
Cris: "No I know, it's just that I just can't get my head around it, I know you were hurting about Jen and me. To marry a guy you only knew for two minutes, a guy who is old enough to be your dad-"
Nat: "I don't even understand it myself. All I know is that he makes me feel so much better about things.. about myself, I never would have... I never would have made it through without him."
Cris: "And what about us?"
Nat: "Being with you would mean I have to hurt him."
Cris: "So what are you saying? You dont want to hurt him?"
Nat: "No I dont, but.."
Cris: "But what?"
Nat: "Cristian, I will never love Michael the way I love you, I will never love anyone as much as I love you."
Cris: "Natalie thats exactly how I feel. I've been going nuts without you. All I do is think about you - think about how much I love you."
Nat: "This is really happening isn't it? It's not a dream this time - it's - it's for real."
Cris: "Yeah, it's for real."
(They kiss)
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "So.."
Cris: "So.."
Nat: "Now what?"
Cris: "Well..I have to talk to Jen."
Nat: "Yeah, I gotta talk to Michael, but what - what I'm going to say? How do I tell him that this marriage was a mistake?"
Cris: "Well, I'll go with you."
Nat: "No no I - I should go alone. He deserves that much."
Cris: "Well wait a minute. At least I can drive you."
Nat: "What about my car?"
Cris: "You can leave it here and pick it up later. Sorry I just dont want to let you go, I've waited so long for this."
Nat: "I feel like I have waited for you my whole life."
(They kiss on the lips, then on the cheek, and then they hug)
Cris: "We were ment to be together."
Nat: "You feel that too?"
Cris: "I felt like I've always loved you and always will."
Nat: "I will always, always love you - nothing will never change that."
(They kiss again)
Cris: "What?"
Nat: "My mom is totally going to freak out. First I tell her that I'm married, now I'm going to tell her that it's over..."
Cris: "She'll understand."
Nat: "Yeah she wasn't all excited I was married in the first place. But with my luck - Michael's such a charmer - she's probably crazy about him by now."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]
(They are in Cristian's car)
Nat: "My mom and Michael are probaby worried about me."
Cris: "Yeah. Jen's probably wondering the same thing about me."
Nat: "It's not going to be easy telling them.."
Cris: "No, it's not."
Nat: "But we have to."
Cris: "That's right, because we can't let anything keep us apart anymore."
(Natalie is shivering)
Cris: "You okay?"
Nat: "Yeah, it's just gotten so cold so fast."
Cris: "It's that time of year.. come here."
(She sits next to him, and he wraps his arm around her)
Nat: "I just can't get over this - this is the way it's going to be from now on."
Cris: "I know."
Nat: "We're really going to be together, aren't we, Cristian?"
Cris: "Yeah."
(They crash)
[Scene ends]

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