November 20, 2002
Cris: "Is it really true..Did you really marry this guy Michael?"
Nat: "Cristian.... "
Cris: "Just tell me... Did you marry him?"
Nat: "Yes I did..I married Michael Lazarus."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "You did marry this guy Michael ... And that means last night was your wedding night?"
Nat: "No.. I mean yes we got married last night...But we didn't have.. you know a wedding night."
Cris: "You didn't."
Nat: "Well we came right back to tell everyone so we haven't had time alone."
Cris: "Natalie, you barely know this guy."
Nat: "I know him well enough to know that he is exactly what I need."
Cris: "You realize what you've done."
Nat: "I know exactly what I've done.. I married the guy that helped me when I had to watch you go back to Jen."
Cris: "You see, you don't understand."
Nat: "No I do understand Cristian...You and I were never going to be happy together..You need to be with Jen and your baby.. And Michael....he makes me feel like I'm not alone."
Cris: "You're not alone."
Nat: "When I thought my life was over, and I came to your wedding and I saw there was no escaping that, I knew that I had to let you go, Cristian.. Michael was there waiting for me."
Cris: "What do you mean? He was there at my wedding?!"
Nat: "No...I just.. I mean while you and Jen were taking your vows, Michael showed me I can have a life... even if I dont have you."
Cris: "Natalie-"
Nat: "No, Cristian.. Okay, I understand you think I got married because I'm trying to get over you.. and yeah your partially right..but I couldn't keep living the way I was living, I had to do something."
Cris: "Yeah, but come on - married?"
Nat: "Yes I married Michael and now you and I have the same wedding day and the same anniversary."
Cris: "No we don't."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "Cristian, what are you talking about? Michael and I got married in Las Vegas last night and that's the same day that you and Jen got married."
Cris: "Look Natalie.. If you stayed at the Country Club just a little bit longer-"
Nat: "Are you kidding me? I upset Jen.. I... I made a complete fool out of myself."
Cris: "Yeah but-"
Nat: "And besides you and Jen got married... I couldnt stick around watch that."
Cris: "If you'd stayed you'd know-"
Nat: "Know what?"
Cris: "Natalie, Jen and I never took our vows.. Jen and I didn't get married."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "What do you mean you and Jen didn't get married?"
Cris: "Jen had a miscarriage.. she lost the baby."
Nat: "Oh my God.."
Cris: "Yeah, it happened right before we took our vows and um, well it was pretty bad."
Nat: "I'm sorry."
Cris: "So am I."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "The only thing that kept me going after I realized that I had to give you up was, well, I was going to be a dad and now its over."
Nat: "Cristian you would of made such a great father. I know that, and I know how much that baby meant to you."
Cris: "Well, that baby never got a chance. This has - has been really hard on Jen."
Nat: "Yeah, she was really looking forward to having your baby."
Cris: "And Natalie..this baby was the only thing that kept me and Jen together."
Nat: "So what are you saying? You and Jen aren't going through with the wedding?"
Cris: "Well, Jen's a mess and I am going to try to be there for her.. but as soon as the time is right I am going to tell her I can't marry her (he looks at her) I can't marry her because I'm in love with you." (She smiles as they look at each other)
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "I'm in love with you, Natalie."
Nat: "Cristian -"
Cris: "And even after I found out Jen was pregnant - even after I made up mind that I was going to be a good father and a good husband, I never stoped loving you."
Nat: "You didn't?"
Cris: "No, not even for a second... all I could think of was you, I even dreamed of you."
Nat: "I dreamed of you too."
Cris: "And you know I kept telling myself 'I gotta get over her somehow. I can't do this forever', maybe focus all my love on the baby.. but now there is no baby, and all I have is my love for you. (She smiles) My whole heart belongs to you Natalie, and I need to know.. well, I need to know if it's too late."

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