January 1, 2003
[Cristian and Natalie's first New Year's together.]

[Outside the carriage house after Jen left.] Nat: "What did you do?"
Cris: "Nothing."
Nat: "Excuse me?"
Cris: "It was nothing."
Nat: "Cristian--"
Cris: "I didn't want to upset you, that's all."
Nat: "Mitch wants to kill you!"
Cris: "So I threatened him back. What the-- What's wrong with that?"
Nat: "Okay, you promised me you weren't going to take anymore chances."
Cris: "Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry. Look, Natalie I'm ok and the commissioner's git all these people looking out for us. For both of us. We're going--we're safe."
Nat: "I don't feel safe Cristian. You can't keep hiding things especially not about this."
Cris: "Yeah, well I'm not going to be held hostage by this guy, Natalie. I won't do it."
Nat: "I want you alive!"
Cris: "Look, let's not fight about this all right? It's our first New Year's."
Nat: "I don't want to fight either."
Cris: "Look, I know you should get back inside but--"
Nat: "I know."
Cris: "I don't want to leave you."
[Scene ends]

[Next scene]

[Scene ends. Show ends.]

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