October 29, 2002
Nat: "No, it isn't."
Jen: "What are you saying?"
(Cristian runs in)
Cristian: "Hey umm... Marcy called, and told me you needed me, what's wrong?"
Jen: "Cristian, I have really bad news."
Nat: "I'm leaving Llanview, Cristian. For good."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "I'm leaving Llanview."
Cris: "Why? You cant."
Jen: "But you have to, don't you Natalie?"
Nat: "Yes. Yes, I do. As soon as possible."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Jen: "It's because she and I can't be friends anymore."
Cris: "What happened?"
Jen: "I think Natalie needs to explain that. I'm just so happy that we're together, and that were happy, and we're having this beautiful baby together. And nothing's ever going to change that."
(Jen leaves)
Cris: "What's this about? Really?"
Nat: "Jen found out that I'm in love with you."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Cris: "How?"
Nat: "It - it doesn't matter."
Cris: "It does to me."
Nat: "Actually, she took it really well. Um, she didn't seem angry, she just seemed more upset than anything."
Cris: "Well, yeah, she didn't seem angry to me either. But, if she knows about us then that doesnt make sense, she should be freaking out."
Nat: "Um, she doesn't know about us. She knows about me."
Cris: "What do you mean?"
Nat: "I told her it was all one-sided Cristian, I told her you had no feelings for me."
Cris: "You did what? You can't let her believe that, Natalie."
Nat: "It's for the best Cristian."
Cris: "Natalie, I'm not going to let you take the whole blame for this."
Nat: "We dont have -- we have to, for the baby's sake. That's why I didn't tell her that you love me as much as I love you. And that's why you cant tell her that either. We have to think about the baby now. You know -- we have to think about the baby."
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "We have to put the baby first...that's the most important thing."
Cris: "That's why you think you have to leave Llanview."
Nat: "I don't think it Cristian, I know.. I have to say good-bye."
(She's in tears)
[Scence ends]

[Next scene]
Nat: "We don't have a choice, Cristian."
Cris: "I can't... I can't imagine not ever seeing you again."
Nat: "What's the point? If we can't be together, what's the point?"
Cris: "Well, at least there'll be something."
Nat: "Oh really? For whom? You want me to stick around in Llanview, and watch you marry Jen, raise a family together, buy a house? That is complete torture to me, Cristian."
Cris: "Look, Natalie, I know you're doing this for the baby-"
Nat: "I'm doing it for you -- I'm doing it for you, so you can raise the baby the way it should be raised."
Cris: "What about you? What's gonna make you happy?"
Nat: "Leaving Llanview, atleast that's what I have to do. I have to, um, I have to get my life back together - so I can be happy."
Cris: "By running away."
Nat: "If that's what it takes. So, please, um... If you love me, you'll walk out that door."
Cris: "How am I suppose to do that?"
Nat: "Cristian, don't argue, just go."
Cris: "Look Natalie-"
Nat: "Please.....don't make this harder on me than it is... go... please... go!"
(She's crying)
Cris: "Fine, fine I'll go. But I'm not going to say good-bye... I will never say good-bye."
(He walks out, and Natalie is in tears)
[Scence ends]

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